Dr. Marsha Tongel is Principal of Tongel Consulting Group, Inc. (TCG), DBA, Metanoia Consulting-TCG, which assists individuals and organizations to find their grounding and to cope in a consistently shifting environment by creating and supporting: Leadership that embodies change; Organizational Designs to manifest change; Cultures that embrace change; and Community that supports change.

Metanoia Consulting-TCG provides innovative and quality organizational, leadership and change management services, offering tools to help organizations develop the creativity and resilience needed to manage transition and change, to reach their goals faster and with less stress, and to remain sustainable.  Transition Management Consultants and Strategic Partners, acting as thought leaders, change agents and coaches focus on using innovative strategies to create leaders who are architects of the future and to support emerging organizational designs.  In addition, Metanoia Consulting-TCG  stresses the importance of organizational culture and diversity in organizations; focuses on the needs of partnering and collaborating organizations; and brings a unique perspective on women-led organizations, as they often have distinct and differing styles of leadership, organization, tasking, and communication.

Dr. Tongel has over 30 years of experience working professionally in the private, public and non-profit sectors. She has a Ph.D. from Union Institute and University in Organizational Development/Organizational Behavior; with a specialty in organizations created and led by women; teaches in the graduate Organizational Leadership program in the School of Business at Point Park University; and is a Subject Matter Expert mentoring doctoral students from Northcentral University in the Graduate School of Business.  She has presented at numerous conferences and has published articles in various professional journals and books.

Dr. Tongel was a former President of the National Association of Women Business Owners, member of the Board of Directors of SMC Business Councils, and a delegate to both the White House and Pennsylvania Conferences on Small Business. She has been the recipient of the Pennsylvania Best 50 Women in Business award and the National Association of Women’s Make the Connection Award and is listed on the Pennsylvania Honor Roll for Women.

Dr. Tongel is the thought leader behind LeGACY….a Wisdom School for Children & Youth. Her organizational and educational background; interest in ancient and indigenous teachings; and concern over how well prepared future generations will be to deal with the complex and multi-system problems that they will be inheriting led her to develop the LeGACY program.  LeGACY is a multi-discipline, multi-generational and multi-ethnic learning program that prepares children and youth in new ways to deal with current and emerging critical issues. The program offers children and youth teachings and tools from various cultures and disciplines to help them evolve into the type of problem solvers, leaders, designers and communicators needed to address global social, economic and environmental issues.




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