The Social and Emotional Learning Alliance of CA comprises a group of people who work for schools, community organizations, associations, businesses and nonprofits and who care deeply about introducing social-emotional learning (SEL) into our schools and communities as a long-term education plan to improve academics and the life prospects and skills of all children while reducing violence, racism, crime and addictions in our schools and society.

By advancing the teaching and practice of SEL skills in our schools, we will:

•Increase academic achievement (up 11% universally and 17% for at-risk students).

•Reduce the staggering human and financial costs caused by violence, addiction and other social maladies (and for every one dollar invested in effective SEL, the return is $11).

The purpose of the Alliance is to influence decision-makers in making SEL part of our lives by introducing it into all California schools, pre-K to 12, including in after-school programs and relevant community youth programs.We Are Proud Supporters of the EQuip Our Kids! Campaign – a local and national emblem for bringing Social-Emotional Learning, which raises emotional intelligence (EQ), into 100% of U.S schools.